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What is TeenyGrab?

TeenyGrab is a free alternative to TinyGrab. TinyGrab is a popular application for quickly uploading screenshots, and sharing them. The only problem is, the full version (with features such as uploading to a custom FTP server) costs $$$. While I have nothing against making a paycheck, it seems like software with such simple functionality should be free.

That's what TeenyGrab is.


  • Configurable Hotkey
    • One touch of a button, and the screenshot is taken and exported with the preconfigured settings
  • Taking screenshots:
    • Full screen (With full multi-monitor support)
    • Selected area of screen
    • Specific or Foreground Window
  • Exporting:
    • Directly to clipboard
    • To File
    • To FTP
    • To

Note: Only tested on Windows 7 32 bit. Should work on other versions of windows (XP, Vista), but I don't know about 64 bit.

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